Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Green Smoothie Challenge - Week 1

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I have been trying to do a green smoothie challenge for a few months now. I am excited to report that I have had green smoothies for 7 days. So far so good. I notice that I'm feeling lighter and satisfied with no hunger pangs.

One reason it took a while is that I had to do research as to the best method to treat chronic systemic inflammation, which I have and have had for at least 7 years. Not one doctor has addressed the danger of chronic inflammation. In fact not one has even talked to me about how to rid the body of inflammation. I've done the research myself and the biggest culprit is a diet high in refined sugars, foods that a person is allergic (and probably does not know it such as wheat, dairy, & eggs). I believe, this is my opinion based on my experience, that most doctors in the US don't believe that nutrition is important. They are usually only educated about the USDA food pyramid. But enough about them.

Here is what I've been doing. I drink a minimum of one quart of green smoothies a day. I've learned to enjoy the taste with far less fruit than I would recommend to someone else, but I am correcting a candida (yeast) overgrowth that has contributed to, if not caused leaky gut syndrome. I'm not consuming a lot of fruit in order to avoid fruit sugars, but will increase my fruit intake after completing the yeast overgrowth treatment. I also consume 6 - 8 cloves of garlic a day with warm lemon water. I actually like it.

Acupuncture has really helped to "clear my head." I have this funny, hazy feeling in my head which no allopatic doctor ever addressed. Acupuncture has helped and helps me deal with my body pains. Therapeutic massage has with my anxiety, which is high most of the time. I'm looking into the art and spiritual practice of Tai Chi; once I find a place to go I'll start. Yoga is another interest of mine. I'll keep you posted.

I thought the oranges looked good; I wanted to see another color food other than green!


Ravynn said...

Peace Vee.

That's great!! I'm in the mood for a green smoothie myself; its been a couple of weeks. I may just hop on the side of your bandwagon and do another mini challenge tomorrow. =)