Friday, January 2, 2009

Out With The Old

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Literally...I've started a detox and colon cleanse regime that began 5 days ago. I consulted with a hydrotherapist who is also a registered nurse. The therapist instructed me to expect a healing crisis because it is coming - she guaranteed. That made me a little anxious to say the least. Who looks forward to feeling crappy (excuse the pun).

I am preparing for a 90 day green smoothie feast and didn't want to start it without first ridding my colon of some stuff that's been there probably for ages. After researching and learning how many who follow SAD never really empty their colon, I decided that I should start with a colon cleanse.

For the past 2 weeks I've eaten steamed veggies, brown rice, fruit, nuts & seeds, and beans. I've drank lemon juice and water and vegetable broth. I'm taking a whole body cleanse supplement along with digestive enzymes also. My face is breaking out, but I expected that. Otherwise I've had no problems. What is just crazy is that the during one colonic session, the hydrotherapist was able to tell me what I had eaten the day before. She told me that I was not chewing my food long enough so that it breaks down before going to the stomach and intestines. She also said that I probably don't have enough hydrochloric acid (digestive acid) to break the food particles down even more and that I am a good candidate for having yeast overgrowth. The best way to deal with candida albicans is to stop eating all sugars in every form even fruit sugar, to eliminate yeast based foods, fermented foods, and dairy. The except to no fruit sugar is tart, green apples in moderation. Candida Albicans loves sugar and feeds on it to multiple. Once the yeast is back to normal levels then fruit can be eaten again.

After a month of green smoothies I plan to have a month of vegetable juices, veggie broth, and herbal teas in order to kick this yeast overgrowth in the blankety - blank - blank (my niece's words of frustration).

In the meantime it's out with old.


naptress said...

thanks for the kind words!! tell me what is this green smoothie challenge that u speak of?

Vee said...

Hi Naptress,

Starting Monday I'm drinking green smoothies for 90 days. I'll explain in a post later why I'm doing this and what I'll add to the smoothies.

Thanks for stopping by.

Brandi said...

I am very interested in this whole ordeal. Now...if one were to have a very hectic and non-stop life for about 8 months of the year, would you recommend they wait for their non-hectic months? My specific question: Does this take a lot of time and energy?

Vee said...

Hi Brandi,
I would think a person would choose a time when she is more likely to stick with the plan.

Yes, it takes time and energy especially if you are used to eating white flour, sugar, pasta etc and candy, sweets, soda. I'm taking a gradual approach in that I am eating fruit, but fruit that isn't very high glycemic. I will eventually not eat fruit except tart green apples in my veggie juice when needed.